If you would like to know more about the registration process, please check the animation video How to obtain EQ-5D. It describes the process of registering and gaining access to the family of EQ-5D instruments.

EQ-5D Registration

The EuroQol Research Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in the Netherlands. The Foundation serves as the single point of distribution of the family of EQ-5D instruments.

No license fee will be charged if the EQ-5D is used for a non-commercial purpose.

For most non-commercial requests, you will only need to agree to our Terms of Use in order to obtain EQ-5D. In some cases a license agreement is needed at no cost to you, for instance when the sample size is higher than 10,000.

A license fee will be charged only for commercial use of the EQ-5D.

Examples of commercial use of EQ-5D are: EQ-5D is used by or on behalf of a pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer, or any other for-profit company. See our License Policy for more information on our commercial license fee structure. Commercial requests will be handled with priority. We reply to commercial requests within 2 business days.

We use separate routes for commercial- and non-commercial registrations. Please select one of the routes below.